Ocean Edges

Snowman Cottage Southport, Maine

 on Cape Newagen in Boothbay Harbor Region




From Portsmouth NH head north toward 95.  You will see signs for Maine


Take 95 north. They have changed the route signs but it may now be 295.


You want to head to the signs for the Maine turnpike.  After you get on the Maine turnpike, you will have a toll of 1.50


Take the Maine turnpike north to what used to be exit 9 (The numbers have changed but it is the exit 2 miles north of the Westbrook, Maine exit.  It will also say Boothbay Harbor Region.  You will go a couple of miles and there will be another toll .50


Then you will be on 95 north again toward Freeport.  Stay on 95 north until you come to the exit for Route 1.  It will be Brunswick, Careful not to speed here because there are often cruisers coming into Brunswick.


Stay on Route 1 North.  Go all the way down the main street in Brunswick.  When you get almost to the end, you will see a sign that says Bath US 1 North.  Stay in the left lane, because you will turn left.  Stay on US 1 through Bath, Wiscasset and Woolich.  As you are going up the hill in Woolich, you will see a large seafood restaurant on your right advertising lobster.  Soon after that as the road has a double lane as you go up a steep hill you will see Route 27 South for Boothbay Harbor.  Stay in your right lane and bear to the right.


Take 27S into Boothbay and Boothbay Harbor.  You will go around the Harbor.  You are not lost.  Keep on 27 S. You will go over a “swing bridge” sometimes you need to stop while it’s letting boats through.  Go over the bridge.  Right after the bridge, you will see Robinson’s Wharf on your left.  Right after that is Route 238.  Take a left.  You are now on Southport Island.  Take 238 about 4 miles.  It is curvy and a little hilly.  You will go past a sign for the Episcopal Church and Gray’s Campground.  Keep going, as there is a sharp curve in the road with a sign saying 25 mph. Keep on 238.  Do not make any turns.  Right after the sharp curve, you will see the Southport Library on your right.  It also houses 1 fire engine for the Southport Fire Dept.


Gray Road is diagonally across from the library.  There is a sign on the back of the stop sign that says “Dead End” and Town Pier with an arrow.  There are also several mailboxes right there together.  Take a left down Gray Road.  There is a house almost in the middle of the road that is gray and has the name Keyes on it.  Bear right to the end of the road.  There is a 3-story house on the left, which is my neighbor John Gray.  My house is the little white cottage on the right with a small deck around it with a handicapped ramp.



Have a blessed time and enjoy yourselves. 


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